Gray Watson - Life Timeline

Here is a quick timeline from my life. I started this recently while catching up with an old friend from college. Thought it would be a nice addition to my home page. Hope to keep it up to date.

2000 January My dad, Charles Watson, dies.
1999 October Closed on our house in Pittsburgh. Moved up to ~Boston Massachusetts and moved into our new house. What a hectic couple of weeks.
June The day after (sic) Timmy was born, Ro and I found out that my job was moving up to Boston. What a roller coaster of a week.
Timothy Connolly Watson was born.
1998 October Discovery of parasite living inside Rosemary. Nine short months till the start of the rest of our lives.
1996 September Married to Rosemary.
January Started working for Lycos.com.
1995 December Propose to my girlfriend of 18 months, Rosemary McCrudden.
Fall Consulted for the US Bureau of Mines until the department was axed in appropriations.
August Started Web Counter one of the more popular initial sites on the Web at the time. Had over 400,000 clients within a couple of months. Never capitalized on it.
Spring Worked at a ISP called USA OnRamp in Pittsburgh, setting up all of their operations.
1994 December Left Antaire Corporation after one hell of a learning experience.
1991 April Not sure exactly when but at some point Antaire.com joined the Internet. 4/21/1991 is the first post to usenet using Antaire.com that I could find. Initially through a UUCP link with Biomed. Our class-C was registered on 11/27/1992 and we had a PPP connection via modem to PSInet. Back then it was email, FTP, NNTP, etc.. The web was later. We ran on ESIX for a while, then BSDI (BSD/OS) v0.9 (?) on a Zeos 386 "clone".
1989 December Started Antaire Corporation with a business partner. Initially we were going to be writing video rental database software but got into nursing home databases instead.
July Navigator on the Marion Bermuda race aboard the family's sailboat.
1988 February First post that I can find that I made to Usenet (local). Definitely made posts to CMU boards, in 1980 from Tartan Labs.
January Started back at University at Pittsburgh part time in the evenings.
1987 March Started working at the Office of Biomedical Informatics, a small medical software lab with University of Pittsburgh.
1986 December Crossed the Atlantic on the Sea Cloud to Antigua where I left the ship and returned to Pittsburgh.
June Worked as a deck hand on the "Sea Cloud" in the Mediterranean Sea (Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, France, Tunisia) and the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Rumania, and USSR).
1985 Fall Worked in Philly at a small communications company for 6 months. Great experience with mismanagement.
May Asked to leave Penn just because I didn't go to class. Bastards. I need to scan in the letter. It's amusing.
1983 September Started college at the University of Pennsylvania.
1980 Summer Worked at Tartan Laboratories as a programmer. They pay me for this?
1979 September Started high school.

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