Timmy Missing Tooth

Timothy Connolly Watson

Tim is now 7. The picture to the left is after loosing a tooth a couple of days after his 6th birthday. He's completely switched from Star Wars to Harry Potter over the past year but still loves the Lego Star Wars video game one of his friends has. He's growing like a bean and is starting to get far, far too heavy to jump on his dad like he does.


2006 August So Tim used 3 words over the past week that I needed to write down. Over the weekend Tim was talking to me about the Lego Star Wars video game and said something like:

Dad. So you go to Dexter's Diner and type in the cheat codes and voila.

I was impressed and amused by the voila and the context. Later he used the word askew properly. I asked what askew meant and he gave a good definition. The other night in the tub, he said that he made a joke at camp. Someone said "all hail salt and pepper" and Tim responded:

Inhale salt and pepper.

Not only funny but a great word.
So when Nanny came up for the weekend recently, she, Ro, Tim, and Gray went out on Odyssey. Since Tim has gotten very good and very interested in racing the sunfish, he was interested in steering Odyssey and did a fabulous job. So Tim and Gray this past weekend went on a cruise on Odyssey by themselves from Marion down to Martha's Vineyard. Had a great time. He did a great job steering and even steered by the compass which is very hard to learn. A super weekend. The only thing that would have made it better is if Ro could have come with us. :-(
January A good day in the life of Tim Watson.
  • After being woken up earlier, Ro went to check on him because usually he needs prodding. Couldn't find in closet (usually in there naked looking at his clothes), or in our bed with Gray sleeping, or hiding in our closet. He was downstairs dressed!!
  • When asked to get socks, he said "sure mom". No complaining.
  • Made the bus, no problem.
  • He forgot his notebook so Ro took it into class. He was sitting on the floor working with some other kids with letter tiles.
  • When he got home:
    Ro: "How was school"
    Tim: "Oh mom, it was perfect. I cruised on my periods work paper."
    [ After being stressed out about the period worksheet and didn't want to go to school last week. ]
    Ro: "Did you bring it home for us to work on with you."
    Tim: "Oh no mom. I got them all right. I don't need to work on it."
  • Ro got him a donut for doing such a great job in the morning which he ate.
  • Then off to skating where he passed his Basic 2 figure skating test. Ro said that he did really well. On to Basic 3!
  • At skating he told everyone that he didn't like his hair cut that his Dad did yesterday -- of course it looks great. He said that he was getting used to it.
  • Came back home and Ro asked if he wanted to write a thank you note to the Rightmires for the socks from Xmas.
    Tim: "Mom, I got those from Santa so I don't need to write a thank you note."
    Ro: "So let's look at our list... Want to write one to Nanny?"
    Tim: "Sure mom".
  • So they wrote a thank-you note to Nanny which he did in pen but made a mistake and couldn't erase it. So he started again in pencil and didn't make any mistakes. Well done.
  • Monday night was tacco night at the McWatsons -- Tim's favorite but approaching burn-out which he reminded mom about. During dinner he mentioned that they covered hard and soft Gs at school. Ro asked him for an example of a hard G and he said "good". Ro asked if he knew another one and he said "great". Ro then said that she had a good one. Gray.
  • Then they read two books from school all the way through. Excellent job.
  • Then into the tub where they finished the book "My Father's Dragon".
  • Afterwards he called Gray at work and said "Hey dude". Gray always asks about school but "Nothing happened Dad" was the all too typical response. Ro had to remind him about the Gs. He then said that he learned about hard and soft Cs as well and was able to give some examples.
  • There was 15 minutes left after the bath so Ro treated him to some Tintin reading -- usually Gray does them. In the middle he asks her. "Mom, why do you read Tintin so loud". Ro realized that she did probably because of all the exclamation points.
  • Then to bed.
2005 July On July 11th, Tim went up to New Hampshire to go to a camp for a week and hang with his Rightmire cousins. Loads of fun. He was nervous about the camp however and Ro sent this email after the first day:

He's off at camp. Got out of the car- got his nametag- a slice of birchwood on a string, asked the counselor where to go- a circle game to learn names and never looked back. I was updating phone numbers and went over to say goodbye and although he didn't sound totally fine, he sure wasn't going to show it.

June Some more Tim words recently.
  • Obstacle illusion instead of optical. I asked him what the first word was and he gave a perfect definition of obstacle.
  • He's in a robot/gizmo camp ("Oh mom, this is the best camp ever") where they are building a robot which he is so excited about. He said this morning that they used "cleaners" on it. Ro looked puzzled and said "cleaners?" Tim described a circle of metal and Ro said "washers?"
  • His friend Nicholas had Chicken Pox and Tim came home and told Ro that he had "Pick N' Chops".
May Ok. We are back from the all-time greatest day a ~6 year old could ever have. Over the weekend Ro, Tim, and I went down to visit Uncle Chickie and Amanda down in Washington DC. The plan was to visit the Air and Space Museum (both sites). On Sunday we awoke to donuts courtesy of Amanda and X-box playing of the Star Wars game. Then we went over to the Capital Mall to check out some sort of military "appreciation" week or something. Tim got to climb on tanks, aim a missile system, and "fire" a machine gun. It was all quite (uh) bizarre/scary/subversive which is a topic of another story. Then we went to the Air and Space museum to check out all of the cool stuff there, saw "To Fly", ate at McDonalds for lunch, and then back to Charlie's house for more X-box. Yow!
So Tim came home from Kindergarden today and told Ro that there were three "words" that he used that the other kids in his class didn't know.
  • unfortunately
  • basically
  • not very reassuring
Good words!!

So Tim has a little cadre of buds these days including: Noah, Sam, and Liam from the neighborhood and Nicholas, Christian, and Peter from kindergarden. Ro sent Christian's mom the following email one day after Tim came back from a playdate. It and the reply are funny:

From: Rosemary McCrudden
Sent: Monday, May 02, 2005 5:43 PM

When Timmy comes home from your house it's like he's just been at Disney World.

and her reply:

And Christian feels the same way about your house. "Why does Timmy have his own playground?!" "Why does Timmy have a whole blanket full of Legos out all the time?!" "Timmy's house is bigger...etc"

Maybe we should switch.

March So Tim just called after going skiing for the first time. All he talked about was French Fries and Pizza. I was sure he was talking about the snacks that they served in the lodge. It turns out that french-fries is when your skies are in line and you go strait while pizza is when they are doing the snowplow like a slice of pizza. He had a great time and ended up doing 15 or so runs with Ro.
I was pretty proud of him over the weekend for a couple of things he did/said. He took a snow ball to the face/eye and kept right on going which is a far cry from behavior even 6 months ago. Also, we were talking about skating last week (which was a disaster) and he said "dad, maybe I didn't do so well last week because I wasn't trying hard enough". Admitting something is his fault is always cause for his Dad being proud.
So the other day he use the word 'descriptive' which I thought was pretty good. I had also used the word 'rusty' talking about my ice skating and he used it a week later in another context.
February Just about everything in Tim's vocab is truncated these days. This morning he said "Dad I want break". Meaning "Dad I want breakfast". Everyone's name is one syllable from Alex[andra] to Nik[olas]. I constantly have to tell him that I'm not listening unless he talks like the 5 year old boy that he is. To no avail.
After a long time of rotating through a number of different cerials: rice chex, chereos, cinnamon life, apple cinnamon chereos, etc. he's finally stabilized on honey nut chex (or flyswatters as we call them). Once and a while the peanut butter flavored cerial from Trader Joes is chosen but more often than naught it is the flyswatters.
January Tim has been watching a show on Discovery Kids, his first commercial station. So now he comes in all of the time to talk to Ro about the ads. "Mom! Guess what. There are drugs that you can take to make you read better!" or "Mom! Can we get the robot that cleans our house?" And heaven forbit that you run into anything in your day that actually overlaps with an ad because then he becomes and expert and talks about the product in question with authority. The perils of TV watching. Just put up a movie about Tim talking about the commercials he knows.
So Tim wanted to play video games on the computer one night while I was reading mail and I told him that he had enough TV/video for the day. He got quite serious and said "Dad, when you say that I can't do something, it makes me feel like an African American". It had been Martin Luther King day recently and I'm sure his teachers at kindergarden taught them about Dr. King and his causes. Still it was amusing to here such a statement from my 5 year old. But I guess he's got a point.
Tim said a funny thing to Ro the other day. They were talking about a birthday party of a friend from kindergarden. Tim said something like: "We're going to the place where you play dodgeball with the really heavy balls". Ro replied "Well I don't know Tim, I think you are going bowling". Tim: "Bowling! That's it."
2004 December He said a funny thing last month that I wrote down. He and I were having lunch at Friendy's or something and he asked "Dad, is chocolate milk on the other team?" What he meant was is it bad for you but I just loved the way he said it. So much of Star Wars is the good against the evil that we are talking about the "teams" often.
November 11 Number of milestones recently that we'd thought we'd take note of.
  • He asked for quesadillas at Friendly's after a lifetime of mac and cheese or more recently pizza.
  • He started jumping off of the blocks and even swam under water at the YMCA getting his face wet.
  • He was overheard by Ro saying that it didn't really hurt that much. Sort of like a shot.
  • When filling out a developmental questionnaire at school, he says that his mom's job is to "stay at home and do a little bit of gardening".
September 8 First day of Kindergarden!! Here are the quotes from the boy after he got home.
  • the bus was so good, and kindergarden was great
  • mom put my homework in my bag but I didn't know where it was
  • i can tell you the schedule, 1st was circle time, 2nd I think was snack, then we shared our stuff, our homework
  • oh yeah, and she read a story, and it's called "getting ready for kindergarden", first they wake up and in the end all of these parents started crying
  • Ms. Lee was perfect
July 12 Tomorrow Wednesday at camp is "What I want to be when I grow up" day at camp. So Ro asked him about it and he got very serious and announced that he wanted to be "Marine grunt". He saw a program and I told him that the grunts were the one being carried around in the helicopters. Ro tried to talk him into piloting the helicopters but so far no luck.

So Tim's long dinosaur era is finally over although it lasted for years. These days he really enjoys making lego battle-droids and attack ships these days. He has a real knack for putting together very symetric vessels with the appropriate complement of missiles, rockets, and lasers of course. He's still very much into Star Wars although the Magic Treehouse books have surpassed the Star Wars Kids books surprisingly enough. A typical boy, he enjoys being the bad guy (Darth Vader) although when we saw the movie together he switches and rooting for the rebels.

Recently we saw Shrek 2 as a family which was not as good as the first one but was fun. He only got bored during one segment and he always loves the battle scenes when he yells "woo hoo, good one" or some such a couple of times sounding just like his neighborhood, slightly older friend Sam.

  • So sometime in the spring he used the word "expert". Gray asked him what the word meant and he said without missing a beat, "It's when someone is good at things". Pretty good.
  • Word games. Light -> shining. Other puns.
  • Ro and Gray were cracking up in the kitchen on time when he came down the stairs. "What's so humorous?" he asked. No idea where he got that.
February 9
  • So we were talking about his Wendy's dinner (only the best for our child) and he said that he was getting chocolate icecream for dessert. Gray said that it wasn't, it was a Frosty. He said "Well it's similar". Good word.
  • He was sick last week and returned to preschool today and his teacher said that they missed him and asked if he was sick. "Yeah. I had some throw-up action" he replied. Sounded just like his mom.
February 8 He was running around with a blanket on his head pretending to be a ghost with a laser gun (don't ask). He was having problems keeping it on his head so he said to me: "Dad, would you center this on my head." I thought that was pretty good.
January 27

So Gray was talking to him that he'd have to be older to see a specific movie and Tim's response was:

"WHAT! I'll never be older!!!!! I'll have to wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait."

January 23 Here's something Tim just said at dinner that cracked us up. We always insist that he at least tries everything on his plate. Ro made some potatoes with gorganzola cheese. Yum. Here were Tim's reactions:
  • I smelled it and it doesn't taste good.
  • [ With it still in his mouth. ] THIS IS WORST THAN COLESLAW!!
  • Thanks dad for making me eat something so bad. [ Maybe his first sarcasm. ]
2003 December 7 So it's been a while but Tim said a whole bunch of funny things this weekend that I've been interesting in writing down.
  • Need a stronger name than Tim to be a Dad.
  • Why am I always the one cleaning up!?
  • [ The wreath fell of the front door. ] Is that a worry Mom?
  • Did you destroy the spagetti deal! [Much anguish about a change in dinner plans. ]
  • This is DISGUSTING!! [Much praise for Mom's cole slaw. ]
2002 October 2 We've been doing the full court press on the potty training these days. Today he gets down from his high chair during dinner. Assumes "the position" while walking into dining room which is a half squat, beet red in the face. Gray ask "you pooping?" and he says "Yes". Then "Dad how was your day?" That was his way of changing the conversation.
September 26 I took him to Burtucci's for dinner since Ro had a meeting at the house. When we got home Gray got out of the car and exclaimed jokingly that Gray was going to go upstairs -- forgetting about him. He said "Daddy, don't be mean!" Gray said with the laugh that he wouldn't, and opened the back door. As he got out, he said "Daddy, you deceived me." "WHAT?" Gray said and he repeated it. We have no idea where he got that.
September 12 Timmy's first day by himself. When Gray dropped him off, he immediately sat down in the corner. Gray asked him if wanted to play with the blocks or do some finger painting or something. "No, I'll just wait here for my mom." Broke the dad's heart. We're sure he was fine 10 minutes after Gray left. When Ro went to pick him up he yelled "Mom! You came back!" and she remembers getting the biggest hugs from him for the first couple of days.
September 10 Timmy's first day at preschool. It was only for an hour with the parents. His first day by himself was 2 days later.
July 20 The Spiker family including Linda, Margo, and Nate were visiting with a friend in Wareham for a week. We went down to see them and go to the beach. Tim connected with Nate so much that when Gray met them down at the beach, Nate had gone off to jog and Tim looks up, bursts into tears and starts running down the beach yelling "I want my Nate".
July 19 On the way down to Wareham we decided to eat at "Not Your Average Joe's" along Route 24. Good meal. On the way out Gray opened the door and jammed his foot. After the crying stopped, he got very serious and looked at me and said "Dad. Next time we come here don't ever shut the door on my foot." Ok.
July 15 Sometime this month, Ro and Tim were at the sandbox in the park and someone called someone else in the area "sweetie". Tim announces to the person (maybe Christine) that "my Nanny calls me Sweetie-Pie". She said "so what does your mom call you?" Tim looked at Ro and thought a bit and then got it and said "Goof ball". He's right.
July 2 Went to the local cornball (carnival). He initially didn't want to go to anything but ended up wanting to do it all.
June 27 Sometime around now Ro and Gray are having dinner and he finishes and is walking around. All of a sudden he comes up to us an announces that he needs a time out for no reason we could see. He walks over the front stairs on his own and then comes back and says "Dad, what that meatball song"? We tell him and he said "Yeah, that's right" and goes back to the stairs and sings "on top of spaghetti..." to himself. What a goof.
June 16 Timmy's first time out. We're not sure what it was for but it probably was talking back to Ro or something. Although he didn't like it at all he sat on the front stairs for a minute without incident.
May 16 Ro went out to CA to visit Margaret and her new daughter Liz. Gray and Tim dropped her off at the airport and then they went home. While they were finishing lunch, the Monzillos came to the back door and Tim announces to them that "We dropped my mom off at the airport because we don't need her."
April 15 Around this time, a couple cute turns of phrase of Tim's are: "flexes" meaning reflexes and "tending" for pretending.
March 15 In the spring, Tim and Gray got into this fake argument on whether the train noise was "chug" or "chuff". Tim would then restart the argument every once and a while to be funny.
February 23 Ro and Tim went to Youngstown over winter break. When they got back Tim showed Gray the "Yucky Reptile" book that Nanny gave him and read to him once (as far as we can figure out). When we were sitting down to read it he asks, "Dad, do you remember the lizard which squirts blood out of its eyes?" He was right about the lizard.
February 13 Some Wednesday in the winter, Tim and Ro and some friends from playgroup went to Winter Fun and then to Friendly's afterwards. In the middle of lunch Timmy stands up in his high chair and assumes the squat position and goes beet red in the face. Kathy Arnold asks "Uh Timmy' anything going on?" He yells back with that voice that means that I'm working hard at it "NOTHING!"
2001 January 20 Timmy's first two words together: "Momma shoe". Everyone was talking in the family room but Gray pointed it out.
January 16 Finally finished the words video (4mb) that we've been working on for a couple of weeks. Larger version also available (8.5mb). It documents the words and some signs that he used back in early December. Typical response by parents of an only child.
2000 October 25

Ro visited her sister in California after Timmy's cousin Andy was born. Gray had Tim for 5 days. We did pretty well although at the end of the day the house was a mess and we ate take out or out of the freezer. Gray still has no idea how Ro keeps the house clean and has time to cook dinner.

Gray and Tim went to pickup Ro at the airport, and when she got into the car, Tim wouldn't look at her. It was very interesting and she gave him some space. The next morning he was back to normal with her but initially he didn't know what to do with her. Nanny remembers Gray as a little boy doing the same thing to her and that he was angry at her. We don't think that Tim was angry but rather just realigning his world.

April 25 His deadbeat parents finally get off their greater than average sized buttocks and update the child's page. In the meantime, Timmy (he now likes us to call him Tim) has grown up and it is attending Brown University. He is majoring in sippy cup design and diaper pail technology.
March 27 Timmy's first walking between Mom and Dad. Quote from Ro: "Honey, remember when he was a little tiny baby and would just lay there!!" Poor naive woman.
March 22 Feeds his Dad Cheerios. Mom is still considered to be a servant.
March 10 Timmy's first steps as he takes a lap around the coffee table holding on to the edge. By this time, his parents are starting to get alarmed by the progress and start discussing hamstringing the kid. The prospect of chasing after the little boy as he is walking to every plant, speaker wire, computer cord, drawer, and CD rack in the house is real wake up call.
March 5 Standing by himself holding onto the couch.
February 20 Banner day in the rum drink department. His dad likes to make a large rum drink on occasion -- you know, to take the edge off. Well, the first one Dad manages to knock all over the floor, trying to control the jumping boy. Then, after the disaster control team swabs off the carpet, Timmy is left alone with the replacement drink which he immediately dumps all over himself and his toy basket. Weeeee!!
February 9 Timmy's first paper cut from the book "On the Day You Were Born". Nice book now with a blood stain on it. Mom was completely traumatized -- Timmy didn't even notice.
January 26 That afternoon, he all of a sudden starts to chatter. Unfortunately it was in the middle of a movie -- probably because he was the only guy in a room full of women watching the chick flick "Howard's End".
January 24 Pulls himself up on his Dad's suitcase at Grandma Watson's house. He immediately set off trying to walk and did an impressive face plant off the other side of the bag. Too much excitement.
January 1 In keeping with the holiday theme, starts to crawl. He decides to initially employ the G.I. Joe or the commando type crawl in case he comes under hostile attack from Y2K marauders. He is able to make it all the way across the room in a couple of days.
1999 November 27 Sits unsupported for the delight of the Thanksgiving family crowd down in Wareham. Dad was awed by his powers.
November 11 Ro wrote the following to Emily and Willy about the wooden hippo they made for him. Thought it was worth saving. He was trying to figure out the deal with the mouth.

"Hmmm it opens and closes, and it makes that neat snapping sound. Ooooh! These edges are smooth can I get this thing in my mouth? Oh! I pushed it away from me. Grunt, grunt... Have to get closer to it... Kick kick kick [Tim's feet]. Hmmmm what if I put my head down and take a 30 second rest to ponder it. Ugggh! I can't reach it!!! Waaaaahhhhh [translation: Mommmmmm, get it for me!!] No wait! By crying I somehow pushed myself closer to it. What if I hit it with my rattle? Hey! I can crawl on my tummy if I kick my feet behind me. Look! I turned the hippo over on his back! Now I can get a closer look at his jaw mechanics... Aaaeeeerrrrrr!!! [translation: Mom I am frustrated with this! Why can't I bite it?!!] ...

November 10 Ro wrote the following Top 10 list to Grandpa Chuckles in the hospital. Cute! Timmy's Top 10 list of favorite things about his Pittsburgh visit.

10. Hearing stories about his Great Grandpa
9. Scouting bachelor pads with 'Uncle Jim'
8. 2 words: Cute nurses!!!
7. Realizing that his powers surpass the visitation rules of the ICU
6. Learning that his Nanny wears "I'm not a waitress" nail polish
5. Airplane peanuts (just kidding!)
4. Filing away the idea for "water, water everywhere" in the solarium
3. Visiting (although briefly) with "Uncle Andy" and Chachi
2. Spending time hanging out with Nanny

and Timmy's #1 favorite thing about his visit to Pittsburgh...

1. Seeing his "Grandpa Chuckles" looking so good

November 3 First sip of water. Not impressed at all.
October 28 After being cleared a couple days earlier by Dr. Clark at a checkup, Timmy get's his taste of his first solid food. Sushi. He did not like the wasabe. No, actually it was cereal (read gruel). Please sir, can I have some more?
October 20 Grandma and Grandpa McCrudden from Youngstown come to visit their grandson but are smart enough not to stay with us. We all went down to Wareham over the weekend and Aunt Margaret (still not quite comfortable holding Timmy) and Uncle Matt visited.
October 15 Timmy's first snore out in a restaurant celebrating his father's birthday.
October 3 First roll. Within a week is a little rolling machine. In the morning his feet sticking out of the side of the crib. So much for sleeping on his stomach. Gray was back in Pittsburgh visiting Grandpa Chuckles so Ro was left flipping the little boy onto his back every five minutes that evening.
September 27 Destitute. After a long drive up from Pittsburgh over the weekend, we stayed in Wareham over night and closed on our Lexington house in the morning. Destitute doesn't quite capture it though. No more caviar and champagne Timmy!!! It's just zwieback and Mommy-milk for you from now on. Spent the next couple of days digging out of the 600 (sic) some boxes that were moved.
September 23 Pictures from the house cooling party. 2 days later we were homeless. After the moving trucks had left the day before, we closed on our house in Pittsburgh that morning, after much panic, excitement, and stress. Sad about leaving our beloved Yellow House, Pittsburgh, family, and friends.
September 17 Aunt Mary Kelly visiting Timmy couple of days before we headed North. We had never heard him laugh so loud before. She really can crack him up. I thought the Clinton jokes were a little inappropriate.
September 4 Timmy visits with his Great Grandfather Jim, Grandfather Chuck, and dad Gray making four generations of Watsons. Jim said very little at this stage of his life (96 years) but had exclaimed in the middle of a previous visit, "he's a handsome fellow".
August 31 Trip to Youngstown to see the Grandparents. Highlights include a trip to see Grandpa Charlie at McCrudden Heating and laughing with Grandma Barb.
August 12 First laugh in the backseat of the rental mini-van. His mother would have found nothing funny about the prospect of spending 2 weeks staring at the backseat of a minivan, He was so great. We dragged him around into all of these houses basically staying in the car seat at least 75% of the day with little to no complaining.
August 3 Timmy, Gray, and Ro journey up to Boston to look around for a house. He did great on the plane although his Mom and Dad were completely weirded out going to the gate when they announced "Anyone with small children who needs extra time boarding the plane...". Timmy sort of exploded when we finally got to the hotel, poor little guy, and took a long time to settle down for bed.

This was our first time sleeping all together in one room. How did the Ingalls do it? He makes a heck of a lot of noise in the middle of the night. Little peeps, grunts, farts, slurping sounds, etc. and he plays his little clock radio way too loud.

July 19 His parents get abducted by aliens without Internet access and are unable to update the Timmy page for months on end. Finally, X-Files scientists are able to negotiate our release.
July 18 He has been increasingly awake as of late and now spends a good portion of the day alert and relatively active. He spends a lot of time with those little blue eyes wide open looking at Ro's face or mine while he is feeding (I try not to cry to hard when he gnaws on my sore nipples).

This morning he definitely was focusing and watching his hand. He's figured out that it is important but he doesn't know yet what it is. What is interesting to me is that he came out of womb being able to suck on his hands. He knows that moving his hands to his mouth is comforting to him but he does not know why.

July 17 Becky Shapiro Abusing
Timmy Great party today. It was basically so that Grandma Watson could show off the little Tyke to all of her buddies. The picture her is of Becky Shapiro abusing our poor child while we weren't looking.
July 7 Tough day for Ro poor woman. We have been noticing that he has been getting more and more alert during the day. Today it seemed that he was up and hungry the entire time. So when I got home we tried the pacifier and although we aren't going to be giving it to him all the time, it really did settle him down. He shouldn't have been hungry since he'd just been fed but he was still upset.
June 27 Timmy Bathing His first bath which, much to our surprise, he seemed to enjoy. Boy did he hate the sponge baths that we gave him before this. They were necessary since we were waiting for his cord to dry out and drop off.
June 24 Poop Explosion So while his Dad was out of the state (thank goodness) we had an epic day in the "elimination" department. Not only did he pee on his clothes but he also tried to launch some poop into lower earth orbit while the diaper was aside. Poor Ro. More details and pictures.
June 23 2nd doctor appointment. Went well with weight now at 6lbs 12oz (3.06kg) and head circumference of 34.7cm. Cord fell off for the doctor. Everything is great.
June 22 Hmm. Mom called this an "interesting developmental milestone" day. Managed to pee and poop while the diaper was being changed (i.e. off). We had been warned about this behavior, especially with little boys but Dad is still glad he was not at home at the time.
June 21 Start of a growth spurt. The IRPO cry was used repeatedly to get food today. Little guy wanted snacks throughout the day. He doesn't like the ranch flavored cheese doodles very much although he adores the sour cream and chives.
June 20 Nancy With Timmy Timmy gets a number of visitors on Father's Day.

Dad perfects the "football hold" for carrying him with one hand with his feet tucked underneath his arm. The "forward lateral" and the "long bomb" need more practice, especially since mom is still working on her "catch". Sorry about the window Fred.

June 19 Detection by parents of different styles of cries. He is definitely perfecting his "I'm really pissed off" (IRPO) cry. The rest are variations on that theme. We haven't figured out the "I'm wet" or the "I'm hungry" or the "call the HAZMAT crew in again" or the "sell Yahoo stock short" cries yet.
June 16 First trip to see Doctor Breck from the Bass Wolfson doctor group. Recommended highly by Grandpa Watson. Timmy did great. Good walking reflex, good straight spine, good turn his butt reflex (ahhh, I forgot the name for this one), and others. A little low on the weight graph (now 6lbs 7oz or 2.92kg) so Mom and Dad will definitely need to keep true to the 2-3 hour schedule and feed him often.
June 12 Timmy takes his first long distance ride in the car over to Youngstown to visit Grandma and Grandpa McCrudden and friends/family. He is a little angel. Actually, Mom and Dad have a very hard time convincing the McCruddens that he actually can be (and often is) a pain in the butt.
June 12 HAZMAT crews called in to clean up astounding volume of nauseous goop (technical term) which were expelled from our sweet tiny little baby boy. Hazardous chemicals detected by Dad during routine diaper changing. "Honey. I'm going to need another pair of hands with this one."
June 10 Tough night for all involved. Mom's milk was in transition and had not quite appeared yet and Timmy was pretty hungry. Mom and Dad finally, after 4 hours of crying, had to turn off the baby monitor, close Timmy's and their own doors, and go to bed. Poor little guy.
June 8 While hanging out in the hospital while Dad was trying to get the hang of the diaper changing thing and Mom was trying to get the sleepy head to eat, we get the call that Lycos is closing its Pittsburgh facilities and that Gray's job is moving up to Boston.

The tension of the situation was broken by the arrival of Timmy's "Small Wonder" baby video produced by the hospital. We learn that Timmy was born on "Freedom of the Press Day", on the day Graceland was opened to the public, and shares his birthday with the artist formerly known as Prince. Since he was so awake in the video, and so asleep whenever he was with us, we assume that they we poking him in the feet with some sort of sharp object to keep him going.

June 7
@ 1915
Dr. Kremser Birth. 6lbs 14oz (3.12kg), 19in (48.26cm). "Lusty" cry according to the chart. It was a pretty easy delivery (you can ask Ro) thanks mostly to the wonders of modern anesthetics and Rosemary's fortitude. Picture from a couple of weeks later of Dr. Kremser, who did the delivery, with Timmy.
January 26 Determination of future kick-boxing world champion during the performance of "Bring in the Noise, Bring in the Funk" from the Pittsburgh Broadway Series. Little guy was dancing the entire time.
January 20 Timmy's Ultrasound Identification of little boy... ahhh... "features" during the ultrasound. Quotes from the detection ceremony including the famous "no, that's the knee" available from In the Shadow of the 40Ds.
1998 October 15 Detection of the little parasite. Dad's birthday. Chronicled in Two Lines Not One.
October 14 Mom started to fall asleep at 0930pm. She suspected that the seed had been sewn.

Brought to you by his dad Gray Watson and mom Rosemary McCrudden.