Catching or Killing a Fly

This may seem a stupid to create a web page on, but you have to understand that I hate flies. Hate them buzzing around lazily in the living room during some spring day because someone left the door open. Hate them bouncing off or landing on the TV screen during a show.

The following is a simple way of catching them and killing them that works when it is dark outside. It utilizes the fact that flies usually fly towards the light.

  1. Turn on all of the lights in a small room near the fly. I usually use the bathroom off our kitchen.
  2. Turn everything else off in the house, including the TV.
  3. Wait for the fly to go into the small room. You may have to leave some of the lights on to get it to go into an adjacent room or hallway and then turn off the lights there to get it to go into the small room.
  4. Once it's in the small room quickly go inside and close the door.
  5. Keep the fly buzzing around for a while without landing and resting. If he lands, whack near it or use a towel to send a burst of air its direction to keep him flying.
  6. After a while the fly will be very tired and it will land. After landing, it will wait for a couple of seconds and then will start rubbing its wings and legs together.
  7. Usually that's when its easier to whack it with a swatter or towell.

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