Firefox on Macintosh -- Problems Saving Files To Download Folder

All of my developers at work are working on MacBook Pros. Aside from the occasional issue we all love them. Mac + Java + Eclipse == velly happy.

One of my guys was fighting with Firefox the other day. Whenever he opened a PDF document, it would put it on the Desktop as opposed to the Downloads folder he made. Firefox has a 'Save Files To' setting in the main preferences window which seemed to do absolutelu nothing. We also could not find it in the preferences file.

THEN I discovered this random blog entry which explained that you can set the download folder in (wait for it) Safari (sic). That's right kids, open Safari, pull down it's Preferences to General and set the 'Save downloaded files to' to the correct folder. I guess Firefox is using a system preferences and ignoring its own. Sigh.


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