Fixing Broken Amphony Model 1000 Headphones

I've been having a hell of a time recently with my Amphony model 1000 digital headphones. In general I've liked them. Certainly the sound quality kicks ass compared to 900 mhz varieties which crackled and hissed to no end -- even when the transmitter was 2 feet away. The Amphony on the other hand, when it was working, had crystal clear sound and I liked them a lot. I'm not an audiophile so my requirements are low but they at least kick the crap out of the 900mhz versions that I have used.

The problem that I've been struggling with for a while was battery longevity. I have been using NiMH rechargeable AA batteries because they are significantly cheaper and easier than alkalines but I've had problems with both battery types. The headphones would work fine initially after the batteries were put in, but invariably they would stop working after a couple of hours of usage.

To make a long story short, I've finally determined that the problem was not at all in the batteries but in the contacts inside of the battery chambers of each ear. Basically on one side of the chamber is a spring and on the other is a wire with a little loop of contact in the middle. This little loop needed to be higher to stick up into the battery chamber to make better contact with the battery. The other day I carefully -- oh so very carefully -- bent/pried the little contacts up using a small screwdriver. The idea is just to get the loop to poke out more and engage the battery better. BE CAREFUL. I'm not sure how brittle the contacts are or how hard it would be to solder in new contacts if you snap yours. The battery compartments might also be improved with a bit of foam or other material to better push the AA contacts into the right place.

In any case, once the contacts were improved I've gotten days life from my NiMH and no cut out problems. Wooo hooo.

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