SimpleMagic - Simple Magic Content and Mime Type Detection Java Package

Here's a quick "magic" number package that I whipped up which allows content-type (mime-type) determination from files and byte arrays. It makes use of the magic(5) Unix content-type files to implement the same functionality as the Unix file(1) command in Java which detects the contents of a file. It uses either internal config files or can read /etc/magic, /usr/share/file/magic, or other magic(5) files and determine file content from File, InputStream, or byte[].

Simple Code Sample

The following is a quick code sample to help you get started using the library for mime-type detection.

// create a magic utility using the internal magic file
ContentInfoUtil util = new ContentInfoUtil();
// if you want to use a different config file(s), you can load them by hand:
// ContentInfoUtil util = new ContentInfoUtil("/etc/magic");
ContentInfo info = util.findMatch("/tmp/upload.tmp");
// or
ContentInfo info = util.findMatch(inputStream);
// or
ContentInfo info = util.findMatch(contentByteArray);
// display content type information
if (info == null) {
   System.out.println("Unknown content-type");
} else {
   // other information in ContentInfo type
   System.out.println("Content-type is: " + info.getName());

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