G4 Power Mac Sleeping/Shutdown Problem


So I inherited a G4 Power Mac (Gigabit Ethernet Macintosh) a couple of years back from my brother which we used as our main family desktop for a while. It had a graphics card crashing problem that after US$50 at the local Mac store was diagnosed as a processor daughter card problem. Ebay and US$200 later and I had a new card and a great desktop. It is [still] a great computer and extremely usable under the latest 10.4.9 Mac OSX even though we have replaced it with a dual G5 that I got off Ebay.

The problem is that whenever we go to sleep the computer, it immediately powers off. I've been fighting with this problem for a while and I think it was one of the reasons why we went for the G5 upgrade. I don't have a solution to this problem right now but I wanted to document my progress in the hope that this will help someone else or maybe someone else has a solution.

In looking through the various boards via Google, there are ton's of people with sleep, shutdown, power-off, wakeup, etc. problems. Most of them have to do with Mac Powerbooks and the like which is understandable but some also have problems with desktops.

What I've Done

Here are the things that I have done which have not fixed the system:

Each of these steps in combination or by themselves did not fix the problem.

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