Jconsole Dock Launcher for Mac OSX

I've been looking for some time for a way to launch jconsole from the dock of Mac OSX. We monitor development and production systems with jconsole daily and there is no easy way by default to launch jconsole without starting a terminal. I finally asked my friend Jon Gotow, the Mac hacker guru behind St. Clair Software who wrote Default Folder, History Hound, and other cool applications. He wrote the following application (he said it took him longer to get the icon right) which just calls system() to run an executable in the background. It works great!

Download: Jconsole_Launcher.dmg

You can tune what it runs by following these instructions:

  1. Right click on the application and choose Show Package Contents which should open the applicate up as a folder.
  2. Click on the Contents folder and then the Resources folder.
  3. Edit the JConsolePath.txt file there either with emacs or TextEdit to change the path (with any arguments) to another application.

If you are running jconsole6, you will need to add a Xmx argument to it so change the path file to be:

/usr/bin/jconsole6 -J-Xmx1g

Enjoy and thanks much to Jon!!

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