Gray Watson Personal Thoughts 1998.07.22

Gray Watson Personal Thoughts 1998.07.22
In the beginning

1815 @ Work

RANT #1: First off, notice the name of the file. 19970722.html. Get it. Year 2000 compliant. That's right folks, the thought-of-the-day will not crash and reboot like the traffic-light and air-traffic control systems when we roll into the next millennium. It's a feature.

We were discussing @ work the other day whether the millennium "virus" (cough, cough) is going to rear its ridiculously stupid head again in the year 3000. Sure it is easy to say that programmers have learned their lesson and that for now until we reach the year 10000 we won't have a problem. I think this is crap. I don't know about the rest of the hackers out there but I will be dead within 60 years or so -- and that's being generous. The programmers growing up in the 2040s and 2050s won't remember the turn of the 21st century and won't consider the year 3000 to be a close enough problem to worry about. Or maybe I'm just a pessimist.

RANT #2: Another thing while we are the date subject, I've been telling time in 24hr mode now for years. It's so simple. 4 digits for the time. If past 12 noon, you just keep going. 1pm == 1300, 2pm = 1400, etc. till you get to midnight which is 0000 or 2400. Then we start back at 0100 at 1am. If you don't like to call it military time then call it nautical time like I do. No unnecessary 2 letters. No confusion: damn I set my clock to go off @ 8pm instead of 8am. Okay I am done.

Well, okay. This isn't really something that anyone else would care to read but maybe once and a while I'll get lucky and write something brilliant.

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