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Propaganda Anyone?

Editor's Note: This turns out to be only an interesting coincidence. Turns out that one Larry Miller, a jewish writer, put out a "comedy" piece that was distributed and attributed to Dennis Miller. It was very pro-Israel. Dennis had him on the show the other day and he seemed very pround of himself. Poor choice of guests IMO but pretty par for the course for Dennis these days. He's getting a lot of mileage on how the US citizens who are really bad guys should have their Constitutional rights removed. Like the normal courts will let them off or something. What a precedent.

After I posted all of this I managed to exchange mail with both Peter and Jim about this issue. Both seem like very reasonable individuals and Peter and I, at least, seem very eye-to-eye on our beliefs. Both of them just thought that I'd like to read the piece.

So now I don't know what to do with this copy. I'll leave it now for posterity. Maybe to demonstrate how suspicious I am. Maybe to show how coincidence != reality.

So last night I got 2 pieces of interesting mail from two individuals. At 20:39 EDT one guy named Peter sent me a rant with a very anti-Palestinian stant attributed to Dennis Miller. It initially read like Dennis but didn't seem to be his style. About 20 minutes later he corrected himself saying that it was Larry Miller, not Dennis. Okay fine.

But then, 2 hours later at 22:31 EDT another dude named Jim sent me the exactly the same clip attributing it also in error to Dennis Miller. Jim has obviously not figured out his error since he sent out no correction.

So, what's going on here? That two guys would send me mail about the same topic within 2.5 hours of each other is strange enough given that I get maybe 5-10 non-spam messages a day. That they forward the same article to me is stranger. That they both incorrectly attribute it to the same individual just raises too many flags. Looks like some organization is waging a PR campaign. We've heard a lot about the letters to the editor and the chastising of the Press, particularly in LA, for being too "pro-Palestinian". How dare they report that grandmothers and children are getting shot over there. How dare they talk about the bulldozing of neighborhoods. But don't worry. They are just as interested in reporting on how many civilians got shredded by the fundamentalist psycho Palestinian.

Web Logs

So let's go to the web logs. It is interesting to note that from December 2001 thru May 4th, no one did any searches on dennis miller and israel or palestine . Then on May 5th thru today, May 9th, 70 searches on Dennis Miller and Israel and/or Palestine have been performed which took people to my site. Very strange. Looks like they are specifically trying to counter some opinions of Dennis Miller. Interesting that they seem to be going after him specifically. Interesting also that they then post a message from Larry Miller and attribute it to Dennis.

Below is a synopsis of Peter and Jim's transactions with my web server. Here are Peter's and Jim's raw web server logs. Looks like they both live in San Diego which is yet again another coincidence.

Peter's Transactions
When What
20:37:55 He clicks on the first result from a search on Google for "dennis miller" palestine israel
20:38:05 He almost immediately clicks on my Israel vs. Palestine rant.
20:38:35 After reading it for all of 20 seconds, he clicks on the link to go to my homepage.
20:38:48 He clicks on the contact link at the bottom of my page.
20:39:51 He takes about a minute to paste in his message and enter his information and press submit.
Jim's Transactions
When What
22:28:04 Jim makes a query on google as well for "Dennis Miller" Israel He clicks on the 22nd link (2nd page) and comes to my thoughts page. Interestingly enough, he skipped by the 16th link which was to my quotes page in the results.
22:28:26 He also clicks on my Israel vs. Palestine rant.
22:28:56 He also reads my rant very carefully for all of 30 seconds and then clicks to go to my home page.
22:30:06 Jim seems a little more overwhelmed with the plethora of "content" or at least the number of bytes so it takes him over a minute to find the link to my contact page.
22:31:26 He also takes a minute to paste in his content and name and email address.

Dennis Miller and Israel / Palestine

So it turns out that this has been generated by a piece rant done by Larry Miller from the "The Daily Standard". I understand his position but still can't agree. I'm sure he's very proud of himself however.

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