Gray Watson Personal Thoughts 2002.06.24
Over the Edge

This morning some guy sent me the following Golda Meir quote. This released a diatribe so I thought I'd turn it into a rant instead.

"We may forgive the Arabs for killing our children, but we will never forgive them for making us kill their children"

What a statement. Making us kill their children. Those would be the ones throwing the rocks, standing next to the car with the Palestinian terrorist, or the terrorists themselves? Let's see, last time I heard a count there was like a 10 to 1 Arab to Israeli dead and no one can tell me that the 10 are military deaths.

The guy also asked me to:

post the statements of the "typical Arab mothers", praising their suicide children for killing other children, or one out of many Arafat's, and endless other Arab leaders quotes on killing Israelies and Jews.

Yeah. I should. I'm sure it's heinous. But this didn't come about overnight. Hammas had a 10% approval rating 2 years ago and now has a 80%. Now the 10% is far, far too high and there has been murderous propaganda circulating the Arab communities for ever. But without the conflict, without civilians getting killed (yes, on both sides), the situation and the quotes would be far, far different.

You can't tell me that the Israeli settlers who drove around the other day looking for someone to kill are somehow less heinous. Yes, there are many, many more terrorists and murderers on the Arab side of the fence but that often happens with the oppressed. It doesn't make it right by any stretch of the imagination but neither does the death of a terrorist leader justify the collateral damage of the old woman that the Israelis continue to perpetrate.

I always remind people that it was Sharon visiting the Temple Mount with his "security guards" which inflamed all of this latest mess -- and now he's in power with a 70+% approval rating.

Regardless, the US is going to be blamed equally for it sooner or later and we're going to take a dirty bomb for our involvement in the mess. Guaranteed. You read it here, folks. Israel is doing the killing of the murderers and the innocents with US planes, tanks, and helicopter gunships. I don't blame the Arabs for being pissed off at us.

Frankly I don't understand why we are still supporting Israel. What do we get out of it? They don't even have oil. Is it still guilt about the Holocaust? It's time we got the hell out and said good luck folks. I wish you the best on your search for peace. I don't think that our US$1 billion check will be coming this year. Heck maybe if didn't pay Israel we wouldn't have to pay Egypt their billion. $2 billion that we could invest a lot better elsewhere.

... the hard thing to do is the right thing to do. -- John D. MacDonald

To solve this, Israel is going to have to take it in the teeth. They are going to have to not react when a couple of suicide bombers blow up civilians. There are going to have to go after the terrorists only with surgical accuracy and if they can't find them, they are going to have to keep the file open but let it go. Going after them means capturing and trying them before the courts, not executing them. This is all easy for me to say and I can't imagine the will power required to do this. But right now it is an eye for eye. By retaliating, all Israel is doing is breeding more suicide bombers and zealots. They are pushing people over the edge because they have seen their wife, child, cousin, mother, grandmother, get blown up the other day by tank or helicopter fire.

But then again, I'm sure that even if Israel tried to be nice to everyone that people would still want them dead. That's one of the problems of having your homeland plunked down by a bunch of suits from the UN ontop of one of the holier sites for two other religions. But if they did treat the Arabs with the respect that they probably do not deserve, it might take a while, but a lot fewer of them would want all jews dead. A lot more would return to looking with disgust at their own extremist factions.

Can you see this happening? .... No. Me nether. May your gods have mercy on your souls.

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