Path Summary

The following is a request path summary for the classes in this library. The request narrowing fields give details about how the requests are routed to the various different classes and methods to be handled. More documentation is available at the class level which shows parameter details.

Request Narrowing Class Method Description
Path GET/POST Param(s) Other
/auth/oauth GET redir OAuthLoginController handleStep1(...) This handles the first step in the oauth process.
GET code, state OAuthLoginController handleStep234(...) The handles steps 2, 3, and 4 of the oauth process after the redirect to oauth provider has occurred back from clicking on the "Login With OAuth" sort of button.
GET error OAuthLoginController handleError(...) Handle any errors that have occurred in the oauth process.
/auth/test GET Produces: text/html TestController sayHello(...) Print our hello world message and display the results from the auth processing.
GET arg Produces: text/html TestController sayHello(...) Method that has an overlapping name but with an additional argument.
POST Consumes: application/json
Produces: text/html
TestController objectPost(...) Demonstration of a method which has a body parameter.
POST Consumes: application/json TestController stringPost(...) Demonstration of a method which has a body parameter which is just a string.
/auth/userInfo GET Produces: application/json UserInfoController getUserInfo(...) Return information about the user logged in.

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