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Java Packages OrmLite Java ORM library provides lightweight functionality for persisting Java objects to SQL databases.
Simple CSV Simple library that provides classes that read/write files in CSV format.
Simple JMX Simple JMX library to allow easy publication of JMX objects for Java.
Simple Logging A thin logging implementation which backends to one of a number of autodetected logging backends while providing slf4j-style {} log messages.
Simple Magic Simple content-type "magic" number package for determining content from files or bytes in Java.
Simple Metrics Simple metrics package for tracking accumulating and straight value metrics inside of an application and publishign them to file or the cloud.
Simple Zip Simple Zip package for reading and writing Zip files while giving access to all of the Zip file data structures.
Spring Request Doclet Simple doclet for auto-generating documentation using Java's javadoc generator specifically for tracking spring's web requests
Jenkins Hash Method Java version of Jenkin's 1996 hash function.
Older C Librariers Argument The argv library has been designed to provide consistent argument processing for Unix software.
Connection The connection library is used to pass binary data efficiently between possibly non-homogeneous systems.
Debug Malloc
Drop in replacement for the system's malloc, realloc, calloc, free and other memory management routines while providing powerful debugging facilities configurable at runtime.
Disk Heap Library (Diskheap) Portable library to get malloc, realloc, and free memory functionality on disk.
Local String Some important string routines which include: snprintf which does a bounded printf into a string buffer, strsep which is a reentrant version of strtok, and addbuf which is a good way to build large buffers (such as html pages) in C.
MD5 The following library was written by Ulrich Drepper in 1995. It is an implementation of the MD5 algorithm as defined by RFC 1321.
Memory Pool This is a memory pool library managed multiple heaps that can be allocated and destroyed without fragmenting memory. You can have multiple heaps and reset them easily completely reclaiming the memory (as opposed to standard heaps).
Runtime Config Runtime configuration file handler which reads configuration options from a file and translates "field = value" into program variables.
Serial Serial library provides the C programmer with a scriptable serial interface which includes the ability to write to serial ports and expect responses.
Skip Lists A generic alternative to balanced trees a significantly simpler implementation with low power overhead and other benefits.
Table The Table library is a generic in-memory open hash table with buckets and linked lists.
Utilities Install Probably better than your system's install. Can compare files before installing to see if it is necessary. Install with hard and soft links. Making all the directories to the destination path. Handling of sparse files.
Null Useful utility which combines /dev/null, tee, md5sum, and other features.
Sortu Useful utility which combines sort and uniq -c for finding and counting unique lines in a file. For relatively few common lines, this is amazingly faster than using sort.

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