Internet Content Rating Association (ICRA) Rating System

[ Part of how to label your pages with PICS meta tag. ]

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The Internet Content Rating Association seems to be a semi-standard. It provides the most detailed information about your page and has been adopted by Internet Exploder. It also makes an attempt to encode whether adult content is portrayed in an educational or artistic manner. It is, as you might guess, also the most complex to configure. In addition, they provide some information on their web site about their protocol. In the past they have refused to answer questions about it saying that you should use their web form and not do-it-yourself. However, they seem to have done a complete about face and now have a lot of great documentation on their site.

Basically, their ratings are a list of codes, each two letters followed by a space and the number 1. The starting letter inticates the type and is (c)hat, (l)anguage, (n)udity, (v)iolience, and (o)ther-topics. The second letter, for each type, describes the specific classification. For instance la means that the page uses "Explicit sexual language" while va implies "Sexual violence / rape". After each two letter code comes a space and the number 1. I could find no documentation about the 1.


So if you page uses crude words (lb), exposes female breasts (nd) and bare buttocks (ne), talks about deliberate damage to objects (vk) in a sports context (vu), and metions gambling (od), your ICRA rating code would be:

lb 1 nd 1 ne 1 vk 1 vu 1 od 1

The full ICRA PICS meta tag would then be:

<meta http-equiv="pics-label" content='(PICS-1.1
  "http://www.icra.org/ratingsv02.html" labels
    ratings (lb 1 nd 1 ne 1 vk 1 vu 1 od 1))' />

Notice that you don't set a level of nudity or other types but rather you list each of the items which are represented on your page. Also, if you show "Explicit sexual acts" (nf) but in an "Artistic" context (nr) you would list both entries: (nf 1 nr 1)

Rating Tables

The below tables detail the various ratings. There is a column for the RSAC codes as well.

Description ICRA
Moderated chat suitable for children and teenscb 
None of the abovecz 
Explicit sexual languagelal4
Crude words or profanitylbl2
Mild expletiveslcl1
None of the abovelzl0
Nudity & Sexual Material
Erections or female genitals in detailnan4
Male genitalsnbn3
Female genitalsncn3
Female breastsndn2
Bare buttocksnen2
Explicit sexual actsnfs4
Obscured or implied sexual actsngs3
Visible sexual touchingnhs3
Passionate kissingnis1
None of the abovenzs0
Context - Artisticnr-
Context - Educationalns-
Context - Medicalnt-
Sexual violence / rapevav4
Blood and gore, human beingsvbv4
Blood and gore, animalsvcv4
Blood and gore, fantasy characters (including animation)vdv4
Killing of human beingsvev3
Killing of animalsvfv3
Killing of fantasy characters (including animation)vgv3
Deliberate injury to human beingsvhv1
Deliberate injury to animalsviv1
Deliberate injury to fantasy characters (including animations)vjv1
Deliberate damage to objectsvkv1
None of the abovevzv0
Context - Artisticvr-
Context - Educationalvs-
Context - Medicalvt-
Context - Sportsvu-
Other Topics
Promotion of tobacco useoa 
Promotion of alcohol useob 
Promotion of drug useoc 
Promotion of weapon useoe 
Promotion of harm against peopleof 
Material that might be perceived as
setting a bad example for young children
Material that might disturb young childrenoh 
None of the aboveoz 

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