Gray Watson Personal Thoughts

The following is my collection of rants. Similar to Dennis Miller's rants on HBO, although not nearly as entertaining. Every once and a while I just feel the need to document my thought process on a certain topic. Since I am not Dave Barry, I cannot write an article in the paper, but I can publish them online. Gotta love the web.

Couple warnings:

Year Date Title
2006 5/2 Kennedy's Opposition of Cape Wind
1/16 Violence Versus Swearing
2005 8/24 Intelligent Design is Not Intelligent
2004 11/04 Re: Two Nations Under God
11/03 Democrats Suck
10/29 Political Vitriol
9/16 God Bless America
9/08 Nuclear Power Realities
9/07 Paypal Customer Service Sucks
6/23 Against America Fanaticism
6/22 Go Space Ship One
5/11 Correlation Vs. Causality
2/25 It Pays to be Nice
2003 12/02 Death of Columbia
11/02 Woman Dies in Auto Crash
07/25 Desert Spring Humidifier Review
07/14 How to Write Web Pages
04/30 American Heritage Billing Suckage
04/17 Unconstitutional Detainment
03/24 Gulf Wars Episode II
02/27 Goodbye Fred
02/18 Don't Panic
01/21 Helping the Spammers
01/20 Protecting Your Email Address
2002 12/12 Generosity Index
11/20 Your Own "Big-Brother"
11/18 Irresponsible Email
11/08 CheckFree's Excellent Customer Service
11/07 Newborn Advice
11/06 We Need a New Political Party
11/05 Gator is Evil
10/24 Your Brain Teasers Suck
09/09 Meeting Face to Face
08/13 Suicide on 9/11
08/02 My "Spirit" Award
07/03 6 Cs of C Coding
07/01 Bugs of All Time
06/26 My Insulting Content
06/24 Over the Edge
05/09 Propaganda Anyone?
05/06 Swing and a Miss
04/15 Patriots Day
03/21 CBDTPA
01/21 4 Months After
Year Date Title
2001 09/12 The New Day of Infamy
04/27 The Future of Computers and Computing
03/21 Greennet Irresponsible Behavior
01/02 Lycos Take 5
2000 10/17 Israel vs. Palestine
06/19 uBid.Com Sucks
04/24 Elian Who?
04/19 Settle Down There Nelly
1999 07/28 The Ebb and Flow of Life
05/19 Pestilence in Computer Land
05/03 The Expert
04/30 Waking Colorado
02/22 In the Shadow of the 40Ds
1998 12/24 Christ-Mass?
10/15 Two Lines
10/12 Litterbugs Beware
07/24 End of a long week
07/22 In the beginning

I make no representations about the suitability of the thoughts described herein for any purpose. They are provided as is without express or implied warranty. All my thoughts are driven by professionals on a closed track. Do not try them at home. See your dealer for details. Your mileage may vary. Call before digging. Best if eaten by date on package. Apply only to affected area. Batteries not included. Member FDIC.

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