Gray Watson Heros

I've been meaning to do this for some time. Someone once asked me who my heros were. At the time I didn't have a very good answer however I've been giving it some thought. Below is the list of individuals, real and imaginary, who I feel deserve the title of "Hero".

I'll be adding to this list as well adding some details about why these individuals have touched me in this way.

Who Description
Captain Cook History describes him as an amazing person. He was not only an explorer and scientist but he was also a just and beloved captain when this was a rare quality. His vision, compassion, and thirst for adventure put him on my list.
Oseola McCarty Washerwoman from Mississippi who gave $150,000 to the University of Southern Mississippi's scholarship fund after a lifetime of washing and ironing people's clothes out of her home. She worked her entire life, stayed within her means, and in the end thought of others. She is an inspiration to us all. Genesio Morlacci is another person who I admire in this way.
Wesley Autrey I just love the story of Mr. Autry, now known as the New York City Subway Hero, who rescued a sick kid who had fallen in front of an oncoming subway train. His response to all of the rewards and praise was that the real heros are the men and women fighting in Iraq: "We got guys and girls overseas dying for us to have our freedoms", he said. "We got to show each other some love." An inspiration for us all. Blog entries: 2007/01/04.
Travis McGee Chauvinistic, flawed, yet heroic literary creation of John D. MacDonald.
Charles G. Watson My father. He didn't necessarily do heroic things every day but the respect from colleagues and love from patients from decades of teaching and practicing are goals for us all.

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