Gray Watson Thoughts -- Raising Children

[ This used to be Gray Watson Personal Thoughts on 2002.11.07. ]

So I was IM-ing with a friend a while back who was expecting little boy. He asked me if I had any advice about newborn babies and I brain-dumped on the poor guy. I decided to copy it here for posterity and since then have widened this into a little catalog of my experience as a father.

NOTE: Please understand that I am not a doctor nor an expert. The following should not replace proper medical and credible advice. There are only my own opinions and experiences. You mileage will vary. I encourage you to check books out from the library about newborns, childraising, breastfeeding, pregnancy, etc. and then buy the ones which make sense to you or seem like good references.

My general advice to all parents is that whatever happens, remember that you will get through it. I wish you the best of luck!

Planning Planning for the birth of your child[ren].
Birth The big day!
Newborn How to survive your newborn infant.
Behavior Behavior of babies and small children.
Little Person Your Little Person.
Parenting Tricks Tricks I've found helpful.
Feeding Your Child Some notes about food and your child.
Good Products Some products I've enjoyed and found helpful.

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